Electric vehicle user books an electric car charging station from local EV charger host

Book electric car charging stations with locals.

Chargeslot allows you to book and host electric car charging stations, generating an extra income at your terms.

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Electric vehicle user looks for EV charging station

EV Driver

Book electric car charging stations from locals at your convenience.

  • First item Discover more EV charging options.
  • Second item Guaranteed EV charging and better peace of mind.
  • Third item Instantaneous and easy bookings.
  • Fourth item Clear and transparent pricing with no hidden costs.


Residential electric vehicle charger host

EV Charger Residential Host

Get paid by renting or sharing your EV charger for free!

  • First item Earn extra income.
  • Second item Earn rewards for charging your own EV.
  • Third item Control your listings on ‘One-touch’.
  • Fourth item High return on investment (ROI) for your EV charger.


Chargeslot for business or commerical customers

Chargeslot For Business

Generate more revenue and deliver unique experiences to the community.

  • First itme More visibility to your charging stations. Hence better utilisation.
  • Second item Keep track of history, invoicing, and payments effortlessly.
  • Third item Allow your employees to book convenient EV charging stations from locals.
  • Fourth item Transparent and simplified bookings.


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Join our premium waitlist to avail exclusive in-app perks when we launch.

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Immediate booking

Instant book

Meets the urgency of your needs by removing the waiting time.

Chargi coins

Zero-transaction fees for booking through “chargi” coins.


Cognitive pricing algorithm

Smart pricing algorithm to assist you in decision-making for competitive pricing for every charging session.

Reviews and Rewards

Strengthens your credibility, powers you to gain trust, and delivers better experiences. Save more through our wide range of rewards.

Customer reviews

Make an impact

Making more EV chargers accessible and affordable, helps more EVs on the road resulting in zero-carbon travel. Give clean air to your community.



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